SUP Southsea!

SUP Southsea!

October 14, 2016

We do love being by the seaside but we also like getting wet now and again!

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is an incredibly versatile sport. We have signed up as Fanatic dealer, this means we can offer their full range of SUP Boards, paddles and sails at much discounted rates. So if you are looking to hit the surf this autumn look no further than the SBC for great advice and discounts.  There won’t be many days when you can’t get out and do something. Especially as we can also access a range of blow-up sails to maximise the options.

SUP is an increasingly popular way of keeping fit, and improving core-stability – flat water SUP trips, and ‘down-winders’ are both a great work out, and a good way to de-stress after a days work. A SUP session is definitely more fun than hitting the gym.  In fact, with the cash you save on your gym membership, you’ll be able to buy a new board in a few months time: so a cash saver too!

We will be looking at introducing a SUP club next summer, offering board and equipment rentals and lessons. Please like our new facebook page for updates.